8.0 Software Updates

April 2018

Improvements to sorting functionality.
Improved handling of unrecognized patent numbers.
Removal of the Intercom chat feature.
Various minor UI enhancements and bug fixes.
Improvements to background logging and application build.

December 2016

Usability improvements with fixes to scrolling, help, progress bars, tip cards, amongst others.
Inclusion of the AIA field, and the “Patent Number Only” export feature.
Improvements to database handling and build scripts.
Improvements to search deletion functionality.

April 2016

Significant updates to proximity search capabilities.

November 2015

Implemented ongoing monitoring of saved workfiles so that users can be updated when specific documents in their workfiles are updated, for instance – their legal status has changed, they have new family members, etc.

August 2015

Introduced the concept of the Patent-Number Kind-Letter (PNKL, pronounced “pinkle”), which allows for the uniform treatment of authorities that employ different approaches to kind code changes.

July 2015

Added searchable nucleotide and protein sequence counts from GenomeQuest.
Added IPCR classification codes in case IPC is not available.
Added Extended Family definitions.